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Proton = Lazer Cat Domination

Who are we? Hey, man, WHO ARE YOU? And aren’t these pretty weighty existential questions to be trying to answer in one 24-pt sentence on a computer component website?

Well, we’ll try. We’re Proton Design, LLC, and we’ve been in the business of high-tech nerddom since 2010. We started Proton more recently because we’re tech junkies who know a good product when we see one, and we thought it was a damn shame we couldn’t buy Jonsplus cases in the US. 69 phone calls and 420 WeChats later, here we are.

We’re proud to be able to offer these products to you, and even more importantly, we’re proud to be here for you if you ever need our help. Now go forth, build your dream rig, and use it to ponder the substance of your being… or kill zombies. Filthy braineaters deserve everything they get!

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  • Proton Design, LLC
  • N24W23750 Watertown Rd, Suite B
  • Waukesha, 53188
  • United States
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